Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer in the South

Summer in the South
It's wet grass that glistens like promises
And drinking coffee while the birds clamor their morning to do lists.
It's steam coming off the asphalt as the humidity rises

And air that gets thicker as the days grow longer.
It's porch swings and sprinklers, Kool Aid mustaches and ice cold watermelon with friends.

It's - too - hot - to - do - anything naps in swaying hammocks
And lazy dogs lying in doorways.
It's kids' laughter pouring in from the back yard
And drinking sweet tea on a golden afternoon.
It's creeks, shirtless boys, baseball and sweat.

It's rolling thunder that brings fat, plopping rain drops
And wondering if the storm will last an hour or a minute.
It's the sound of distant lawn mowers
And the smell of fresh cut grass.
It's sizzling, sticky, sweet and time slows to a crawl.

It's sitting on back steps sipping muscadine wine with my honey
And watching the fireflies wink in the twilight.
It's time for family movie nights on couch cushions with popcorn
And thirty minute long "tucking-in" talks.
It's starry skies, crickets chirping and rings around the moon.

It is my treasure
And I cherish it all.