Friday, February 17, 2012

The Ride Home

I came across this in an old notebook.  I don't remember writing it and even had part of it marked out.  Anyway, having re-read it, it really hit home about whether or not my actions show Jesus to those around me.  Do others see Jesus when they see me in my everyday life or do they see just another person, just like everyone else - just like the world.  I gotta kinda hurt!

Driving home one Sunday after the preacher said, "Amen,"
A million thoughts now in mind, setting my head to spin.
What to make for lunch, the work week about to start, 
How to pay the plumber, need to stop at Walmart.
So many things to get done and where to find the time
When my little boys' voice breaks through and chimes,
"Momma, what does it mean to follow Jesus when we never go anywhere?"
I looked at his innocent face and decided then and there:

I will serve You, Lord, this I pledge today
Because no one can see how often I say, "I love You,"
When I bow my head to pray.
How will the world see You in me
If they don't see that it's Your will I obey?
So how can I tell You, "I love You" every night and every day
If I never follow where You lead?
Tell me, what does the world see:  You or just me?

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